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Project Description
A real-time effect editor (currently) aimed at Direct3D9. The idea is to bring features that popular IDEs provide to HLSL coding, as well as features that are specific to graphical coding.

Current Features
  • Syntax Highlighting.
  • Folding code blocks and multiple line comments.
  • Sampler state configuration page.
  • Live preview of effect output.
  • Errors and warnings list, double-click to be taken to the start of the error.
  • (Optional) Line numbering.
  • (Optional) Word wrap.
  • Dockable interface.

This project is still very young, and as such has a lot of bugs which may or may not crash the program. While I am working to resolve said bugs, WPF is still new to me (first time I've used it), so bug fixes may be slow coming as I learn the WPF API. If you have any advice on resolving bugs you encounter feel free to post a discussion about it, relevant educational links are welcome. Save your work often!

Early demonstration video

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