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Stall in development

Aug 31, 2012 at 12:48 AM

As those out there using this program have noticed, I've stalled in developing it further for awhile now. I was unsure whether it was a short stall or something more long term to held off on posting about it until now.

In case you don't want to read this whole post. Feel free to post here if you'd like to take over the project, or just contribute some work to it. I don't mind explaining the inner workings to anyone that's serious about working on it.

Anyone that hasn't seen me talk about it in postings elsewhere or in a chat, I'm a dirt poor bedroom coder currently. Being in such a position meant I took on a lot of odd jobs to keep enough money coming in to survive on. This has a tendency to really kill motivation for projects that I'm not wholeheartedly passionate about, especially since I have a habit of pushing myself too hard and paying the price for it when I try to get some coding done.

My real passion lies in creating games and experimental graphics techniques, as such it shouldn't come as a surprised I've been using the tool far more than I've been working on the code for it.

As for updates to the code. The only thing I can really say for that currently is that I may patch in some code to load effect parameter values from XML sometime in the near future, as it's the one feature I feel is most needed. But I've been working with OpenGL a whole lot more lately than Direct3D so near future could be weeks or months.